RPSC Jr Accountant Online Mock Test For 2nd Paper


RPSC Jr Accountant Online Mock Test For 2nd Paper

RPSC Jr Accountant Online Test is designed for RPSC Junior Accountant Exam. Here we provide RPSC Jr. Accountant Paper 2 Online mock Test Series…

The RPSC Jr Accountant Full online mock test paper is free for all students.

This paper has 150 questions.

Time allowed is 180 minutes.

In RPSC Jr. Accountant Paper 2, there are 4 Subjects, Each Subject Contains 25 Questions

  • Accounts – 25 Marks
  • Businees Studies – 25 Marks
  • Auditing – 25 Marks
  • Economics- 25 Marks
  • Rajasthan Service Rules- 25 Marks
  • AF and GF – 25 Marks

The RPSC Jr. Accountant online Mock Test Exam is Very helpful for all students who are appearing in RPSC Jr Accountant Exam 2019 exams and onwards…


  1. A & B are partners in a firm in the ratio of 5:3. C is admitted as a new partner. He gets 1/4 th of A’s share and 1/5 th of B’s share. The new profit sharing ratio is ______

    75:48:37 is right answer
    75:45:37 is wrong answer but mistakly show right answer


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