RSCIT Top 50 Questions in Hindi 2023, RSCIT Online Test

RSCIT Top 50 Questions in Hindi, RSCIT Online Test in Hindi

RSCIT Top 50 Questions in Hindi, RSCIT Online Test in Hindi. In order to bridge the Digital Divide, RKCL has launched an IT friendly course for the people of Rajasthan. RSCIT Course is a basic computer course. You can learn office automation system with the help of  Microsoft office skills. it has been recognized by Dept. of Information Technology and Communication (DoIT&C), Govt. of Rajasthan to propagate IT Literacy among the people of Rajasthan. RS-CIT is a high quality and low cost IT literacy program which offers a novel curriculum, excellent study material and learning management system in both local Hindi language and English. A state-of-the-art delivery mechanism leads to State University governed Examination and Certification. It Covers in Depth Microsoft Office Training. you can excel your skills to enhance your office automation activities.

This paper has 50 questions.

RSCIT online Mock Test Exam is Very helpful for all students. Now Scroll down below n click on “Start Quiz” or “Start Test” and Test yourself.

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